The 2012 Janus Design Award for Industry goes to DUO Smart Noise Monitor!


Source: ACOEM

France, June 2012 --

DUO Smart Noise Monitor is definitely the ultimate sound level meter. Already known for its metrological and functional performances, DUO Smart Noise Monitor is now officially awarded for its design. On June 4th, 2012, the 2012 Industry JANUS award was granted to DUO by the French Institute of Design. French Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, the media and prize-winning teams attended this 56th celebration.

Janus Award for Industry is the official design label awarded to products and services that have been created to offer a real benefit to the user and his environment. The French Institute for Design, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary jury of 50 experts originating from industrial, creative and social sciences domains, grants the JANUS label to products that meet these requirements.

DUO, now approved internationally by several institutes for metrology (LNE, PTB, METAS), is both a classical sound level meter and a permanent noise measurement station with unrivalled characteristics:

  • Built-in WiFi and 3G modem for short and long range communication
  • Built-in GPS antenna for geolocation and time accuracy lower than 50 ms
  • IP55 integrity (including the exclusive GRAS 40CD all-weather microphone)
  • Built-in electrical check for automated check of the measurement chain (CIC principle at 5 frequencies and 2 levels).

 With DUO Smart Noise Monitor, 01dB offers its customers a unique experience for environmental noise level measurements.
More information about DUO sound level meter:

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