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The critical role of groundwater in alpine hydrogeology focus of 2018 Darcy lecture


WESTERVILLE, OH -- Alpine hydrogeology is gaining new understanding as nearly half of the world’s population relies on water supplies that originate in high mountains. The variety of these environments and their challenges will be discussed during the 2018 Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture Series in Groundwater Science given by Dr. Masaki Hayashi.

Source areas of mountain streams have rugged topography with sparse soil and vegetation covers, and were once considered “Teflon basins” that have minimum capacity to store groundwater. During the past decade or so, a new understanding of alpine hydrogeology has been emerging based on detailed field observations around the world.

Hayashi will offer his lecture, “Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World,” at participating universities and professional associations. The lecture explores the challenges facing hydrogeologists as they rely on creative methods to investigate groundwater sources.

A professor in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary, Hayashi also holds the Canada Research Chair in Physical Hydrology. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Earth sciences from Waseda University and Chiba University, respectively, in Japan, and his Ph.D. in Earth sciences from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Hayashi’s main research interests are in the connection among groundwater, surface water, and atmospheric moisture in various environments ranging from the prairies to the mountains.

Named in honor of Henry Darcy of France for his 1856 investigations that established the physical basis upon which groundwater hydrogeology has been studied ever since, the 2018 Darcy Lecture is being made possible by a grant from Woodard & Curran.

The NGWA Foundation makes the Darcy Lecture available at no fee for presentations at universities and professional associations throughout the world.

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