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The DelAgua Bacteriological Kit Range


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The DelAgua Bacteriological Kit Range is an extension to our Benchtop, Single and Dual Incubator Kits. This range was originally developed for UNICEF and is now used in many countries around the world as a solution to water testing challenges. All kits include either the Single or Dual DelAgua Incubator and offer extended testing for a variety of additional parameters.

DelAgua Bacteriological Kit No.1

This is the most basic of the Bacteriological Kit family. It includes the DelAgua Single Incubator with the addition of a portable digital Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature Meter.

DelAgua Bacteriological Kit No.2

The most advanced DelAgua Kit, making it the complete portable water testing laboratory capable of testing over 70 parameters. It includes a DelAgua Dual Incubator with the addition of a suite of extra equipment to give wide testing capabilities.

DelAgua Bacteriological Kit No.3

This kit is designed for people with a broad chemical testing requirement that only need to test for either thermotolerant coliforms or total coliforms, but not both at the same time. It is identical to the Bacteriological Kit No.2, with the exception of including a single incubator rather than a dual.

All Bacteriological Kits can be adapted with additional items and reagents as required. In this way the user can ‘design’ their required test regime exactly to their specification and requirements, without having to purchase unnecessary chemicals and reagents. Simply outline the parameters required on enquiry and DelAgua will handle the rest.

Each kit is supplied with a manual and disc with step-by-step videos to take you through the key processes of the kit. We also offer a free training session for customers that purchase a DelAgua Kit.

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