The EMS1304 EPA Compliant Opacity Monitor

High Performance Opacity Monitoring System with Double-Pass Transmissometer does not have to mean complicated

-The Model 1304 uses field proven and time tested optics and circuitry that is simple yet accurate. Each monitor and all its components are of the highest quality, pre-tested at the factory to your site specifications. The simple to follow instructions will have your monitor ready for service in hours after mechanical and electrical installation has been completed.

EMS has taken the approach to design equipment with accuracy, maintenance and serviceability as the most important features. The EMS 1304 Opacity monitor is designed with state of the art modular packaging with serviceability in mind. A built-in TTL (through-the-lens) alignment system. The alignment target can be viewed through a window on the transceiver. Adjustments to changes in alignment are by a 3-point alignment system that is integral to the air plenum. This insures optimum reliability while enabling the system to be easily serviced and maintained in the field by plant service personnel.

Service module with digital display- The service module located in the S.S. Weather cover is used to pass signals to and from the transceiver and control unit, display opacity via digital meter, initiate maintenance zero and span cycles and insertion of external current meter in the transceiver to control unit 4-20mA loop. The service module is very useful for trouble shooting or during EPA audits as the correlated opacity can be displayed on the DPM. This feature eliminates the necessity for a second person and sometimes-difficult communication between the control unit and the sensor locations.

Swing Away Sensor

The swing away sensor makes cleaning the windows a breeze. Both sensors have alignment pins to assure no change in alignment after the sensors have been open and closed. S.S. heavy-duty latches make for an air and water tight seal. The sensors are attached to the air plenum by two drop on pivot pins. This makes for easy installation and should service ever be required easy removal, just swing open and lift off the pivot pins.

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