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The EnergyTech 301 – A Total Solution for Dust Monitoring


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A low-cost dust monitor using well proven tribo-electric technology delivering accurate and rapid results. A perfect solution for dust monitoring that requires zero critical alignment with no optical surfaces to keep clean. The sensor is easy and quick to install requiring only a simple probe that can be used on a wide range of duct sizes making it suitable for most dust collectors.

The many benefits of the EnergyTech 301 include:

  • Condition monitoring of dust collector performance reducing & controlling emissions on site
  • Extends filter bag life and identifies failed pulse valves
  • Capable of detecting the smallest levels of dust, below 0.1mg/m3
  • Capable of detecting particulates in a size range of 0.1 to 100µm
  • Fast response time
  • Easy networking for multi compartments and modular arrangements. RS 485 MODBUS and 4-20A output
  • Simple installation, no alignment required
  • No optical surfaces, purge air not required
  • No interference with other measurements

The minimal maintenance requirement, infrequent probe cleaning and low installation costs make this technology extremely an extremely attractive solution for dust collector monitoring.

The EnergyTech 301 – A Total Solution for Dust Monitoring

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