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The Forum for waste management and environmental technologies WasteTech-2013


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The Forum for waste management and environmental technologies WasteTech-2013: clean environment of tomorrow is a matter of today

Russia is a rich country with its huge territory, deep rivers, forests, mineral resources containing the whole periodic table. Of course, it is true. However the large territory and the abundance of raw materials are often the major cause of our poverty, bad management and inability to value this God-given wealth. What is the reason to spend the money on the recycling of sawdust or old tires while we have densely wooded Siberia and oil and gas reserves more than enough for 2-3 generations. As for the rest - we do not care about!

Slowly, with incredible difficulty, this 'colonial' human psychology of 'a master of nature' is being replaced by the understanding that any natural resource is limited as well as the life itself. Today each of us is responsible for what kind of air our children will breathe in and what kind of water they will drink, and whether they will be walking in clean forests or among the dumps.

It is obvious for everybody that the problem of environmental protection and rehabilitation in general and waste recycling in particular is becoming more and more acute nowadays. 

This is mainly refers to large cities and industrial centers: God-given large territories and resources are being exhausted and nature does not have enough power to restore them. 

The solution of this acute problem in many respects depends on the federal government which makes 'the rules of the game' or rather the rules of our life in the country by means of economic and environmental legislation. Family and educational institutions also share certain part of responsibility in educating a person unable to throw a candy wrapper in the street or wash a car in the river. However, there is another important element in this structure which also makes 'the rules of the game' and provides human comfort. This is the last element in the complicated triad 'State-Individual-Business'. 

Practical solution of environmental problems contributes not only to the improvement of the environmental situation in a particular city, the whole country or even in the world but also enables the economic growth which is especially important during the crisis.

If we assume that one of the main reasons of the economic crisis is the decrease in demand, then we can expect that the combination of new environmental 'mentality', new understanding of the problem profundity and importance, supported by adequate legislation, will be able to generate sharp growth in demand for environmental equipment and technologies in the near-term outlook. This demand will be definitely met by growing supply through local manufacturing and import. This is an immanent role of business.

Environmental and municipal enterprises and companies are the main participants of the International exhibition and conference for waste management and environmental technologies - WasteTech. However the past decade was not so easy for the Russian business which faced two world financial crises (in 1998 and 2008-2009), the lack of adequate environmental legislation and state support and stimulation measures.

Nevertheless we are pleased that WasteTech has been permanently showing stable rates of growth. The simple statistics presents an excellent picture of the event's growth and future potential. While WasteTech-99 exhibition space did not exceed 340 sq. m with 40 exhibitors WasteTech-2011 attracted 309 companies from 23 countries and reached 5980 sq. m net of indoor and outdoor space.

At the very beginning WasteTech was focused exclusively on solid waste issues. But now in addition to these, air and water basin protection, sanitation and cleaning of populated areas, renewable energy etc are also on event agenda. 

As a result, WasteTech exhibition and congress has become the main forum for waste management, recycling, renewable energy and environmental technologies in Russia and CIS. 

An extensive and interesting conference program is traditional 'feature' of WasteTech. It is a chain of conferences, seminars and round tables on various aspects of waste management and environmental technologies. Events are prepared in cooperation with international and local associations, research and design institutions, or held on the initiative of individual companies - exhibitors.

WasteTech Conference program comprises different events related to environmental issues. At the moment WasteTech organizers are in contact with various international and national associations and business partners in order make a draft of 2013 conference program. 

In case your company is interested in joint preparation and holding of a conference, seminar or round table on the interested topic, please contact the Forum organizers. 

WasteTech forum has been showing the extension of its geography and the growth of its international standing. Nowadays questions of environmental protection - the so called 'green' topic does not raise a forbearing smile any more but excites the interest caused by the vital necessity - the necessity to go ahead, to the future which depends on us today. 

See you at WasteTech-2013!

WasteTech Team


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