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The GeoInformation Group adds Near Infrared imagery to Cities Revealed portfolio


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Cambridge – The GeoInformation® Group, publishers of Cities Revealed aerial photography (, announces today that it now offers Near Infrared (NIR) imagery as part of its geographic information and aerial imagery solutions. NIR imagery provides the perfect compliment to standard vertical aerial imagery, seeing beyond the visible spectrum.

NIR imagery can be used for commercial and environmental applications in both rural and urban areas. By providing information on the extent of vegetation, types and health of plant and trees it can be used to support advanced crop management and analysis of ground vegetation. In urban areas, NIR imagery can be used to measure open space, analyse types of green space, and supports habitat conservation programmes. It can also be used to evaluate the canopy size and location of trees, their relationship with surrounding buildings and the potential for subsidence. This information is highly valuable to both tree preservation officers and insurance companies.

NIR imagery is captured simultaneously with digital aerial imagery meaning that it is perfectly consistent with the accompanying digital aerial photography. Cities Revealed aerial imagery is captured through the summer when the vegetation is in full leaf, providing the ideal time to capture NIR data for more accurate interpretation and analysis.

Seppe Cassettari, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Near infrared imagery has been widely used by the forestry industry for many years but is now finding applications in other sectors. It was originally developed by the military for detection of camouflage. As digital capture becomes the preferential data capture method for aerial imagery the availability of NIR imagery will become more widespread and cost effective for commercial and public sector organisations. NIR imagery is a natural addition to the Cities Revealed portfolio.”

As a leading supplier of geographic information the company continues to provide an extensive and highly successful product portfolio under the Cities Revealed brand, including: Modern and Historic aerial imagery, LiDAR data, Oblique imagery solutions, and value-added aerial imagery derived databases: Land Use, Building Class and Building Heights.

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