The Glynwood Institute for sustainable food and farming

In celebration of the upcoming 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Glynwood is pleased to announce the launch of its new division, The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming. 'Our vision is to shift the U.S. from an industrial-based system of agriculture to a regional, sustainable food supply,' says Co-Founder & Director of The Glynwood Institute Diane Hatz. 'One where healthy, nutritious food is accessible to all.' 'To do that,' says Co-Founder and Glynwood President Judith LaBelle, 'we support leaders in sustainable food and farming and also develop projects that help communicate or raise awareness about today's food.' Innovation + Awareness = Change At the heart of The Glynwood Institute is the Innovation Program, where selected leaders or emerging leaders within the sustainable food and farming movement are supported as they develop, launch or promote a project that addresses a critical need or issue within the field. In addition, The Institute helps develop marketing and communications strategies to educate, raise awareness about, or expand the Innovators' work. The first Glynwood Institute Innovator is Anna Lappé, author of the just-released Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It (Bloomsbury, March 2010). Anna deftly explains the links between today's global food system and climate change, and offers readers ideas and inspiration for making sustainable food choices that can provide a catalyst for transforming the environment. In addition to the Innovation Program, the Institute develops projects to raise awareness and educate both individuals and groups about sustainable food issues, with an emphasis on providing tools and resources to people and groups within the sustainable food and farming field. The first project of The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming is a national media center to improve the quality of communications and to give the media various tools and resources to make it easier to bring information about food and farming issues to the general public. About Glynwood Glynwood's mission is to save farming. Located on a farm in the lower Hudson Valley about an hour north of New York City, Glynwood's unique niche is to empower communities to support farming and conserve farmland, while also working our own land to demonstrate the economic viability of environmentally sustainable agriculture. For more information about the Institute, please visit our website at or contact Geralyn Delaney Graham at and Diane Hatz You can also follow Glynwood and The Glynwood Institute on Facebook and Twitter Glynwood.

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