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The GoLine; Plymovent’s exciting new range of entry-level products!


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Plymovent has always had a wide range of products, missing only were entry-level products offering simple quality solutions at value for money prices.

In November and December of this year Plymovent will introduce the GoLine; a complete new line of essential entry-level products. These basic level units will help complete the range of Plymovent products with keen pricing, Plymovent quality representing real value for money. The range consists of a mobile unit, the MobileGo and two wall mounted units, the MonoGo and the DualGo.

The MobileGo

MobileGo is a compact and powerful mobile welding fume extractor for occasional use. It is designed for welding processes that produce little fume or for welding that is occasional or light. This unit is easy to move around the workshop to extract the fumes where needed. The welding fume extractor is fitted with a single use disposable filter. MobileGo has a W3 marking and can be used in steel and stainless steel applications.


The MonoGo and the DualGo

MonoGo is a single arm welding fume extractor, ideal for fixed work stations. This wall mounted stationary filter is supplied with an extraction arm and is recommended for occasional welding or light welding applications including TIG-welding. 

DualGo is a fume extractor with two extraction arms both with a reach of up to four meters. The DualGo is mounted to the wall and is designed for fixed workplaces. DualGo has an extra powerful fan and a large filter. It is designed to have both extraction arms in operation at the same time.

Both the MonoGo and DualGo have an acoustic ‘filter full’ alarm and an integrated spark deflection plate for enhanced safety.

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