The HALO™ System, a Clear Solution for Oxidation Ditches


Source: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions (PMSL), a leading manufacturer of fluid mixing equipment and services, will announce availability of their new HALO (High Aeration, Long Oxidation) System with superior ability to provide true extended aeration performance in an economical, low maintenance package at WEFTEC 2004, held in New Orleans, LA.

Designed to surpass current oxidation ditch systems application products, the HALO System draws from numerous proven installations over the last 15 years. The HALO System is a true turn-key, cost effective solution that utilizes the most advanced aeration technologies available today. Acknowledging that PMSL is a leader in developing new advances in the Surface Aeration market, the HALO System uses the latest advances in Low-Speed Surface Aerators and other proven technologies to control BOD removal, Nitrification/ De-Nitrification, and Biological Phosphorous removal.

The HALO System has been modeled and proven in the field and in the world’s largest and most comprehensive mixing lab test facility in the world. The HALO System is the ditch system designed to lower your maintenance costs, handle varying load capacities, reduce operational complexity, reduce your downtime, and improve your operational flexibility. PMSL provides the mechanical and process guarantees to back it up in the field. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions provides a truly complete ditch solution! See the superior technology story at WEFTEC Booth 1737.

For more information on HALO or our mixing lab, call 1-800-95-MIXERS, FAX 717-832-1740, email, visit, or write to Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, 1221 East Main Street, Palmyra, PA 17078-9518.

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