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The latest innovation in point of use installation technology from Waterlogic


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Three words can be used to describe the Waterlogic Install kit, the latest innovation in Point of Use installation technology. Compact, advanced, and economic. These adjectives simply say it all.

Specially designed for Waterlogic, the unit combines three complex functions into one advanced piece of installation equipment which is small in size, lightweight and surprisingly easy to use.

The advanced design includes an upgraded Aqua Block function which measures pressure between the mains supply and the onward flow of the machine, providing instant mains leak prevention by stopping the water flow should a change in pressure be detected. A pressure reducer adjusts the water pressure to a constant optimal level for POU. A non-return valve also prevents back-flow of water the mains supply, an important Health & Safety consideration to prevent any minute possibility of source contamination.

Beyond these impressive features, the product additionally boasts a manual re-set valve which can be re-set by on-site personnel, eliminating the need for more frequent technician visits due to re-setting issues. The kit, made from top quality materials, includes John Guest fittings and has been designed for use in combination with Waterlogic superior point of use water dispensers. It is now available from Waterlogic.

Simon Georgiou, Waterlogic Group Technical Specialist states, “The new Waterlogic install kit represents a major innovation, it is like nothing that the industry has ever seen to date. It simplifies the entire installation process from a technical perspective as well as provides the end-customer the highest assurance of safety, ease and convenience.”

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