The legend of the first RCM on board sweeper is living again.


Source: RCM S.p.A

In the mid-seventies, after the great success obtained with the first sweepers, RCM felt the need of producing bigger machines, that could be used especially in the ceramic industry, very popular in the area. That’s why in 1975 the timeless R850 was born. All the customers immediately appreciated its strength, its practicality and its cheapness, to such an extent that it was present in our products range for more than 25 years, basically unchanged. The new R850 has now different features, as it does not represent anymore a heavy duty machine. It has been replaced in fact, for heavy works, by medium and big sweeper with hydraulic dumping: BOXER, MILLE and DUEMILA. R850 is now back in RCM machines range, offering high cleaning performances at a low price: a very important aspect in this time of economic difficulties.The manual dumping is one of the features that makes R850 so cheap. This is a choice that won’t make you regret the hydraulic dumping in all that cases where the quantity of garbage to be collected is not excessive, cleaning big areas at the same time. The strength and the reliability of R850 are clearly the same of every RCM sweeper.

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