“The market grows where water flows”



Water scarcity is increasing in most urban areas worldwide. It will be affecting your business soon. It might already have done so. Are you ready, or will you be caught out? What can you do to reduce or mitigate the effects? Is there a global water crisis? Has the world reached a 'tipping point' on water? Are there opportunities for your business?

In an effort to ensure that diverse groups of actors whose decisions impact our planet's water resources can make better and more informed decisions, UN Water has produced ten short 'messages' for business based on the findings of the 3rd World Water Development Report. Each message addresses a particular influential group of decision-makers.

The UN World Water Development Report is published every three years and is the result of a cooperative effort by 26 UN agencies and entities that make up UN Water. It brings together some of the world's leading experts to analyze the state of our water resources and report to decision-makers in government, business, civil society and the international community. It provides information on trends and explores the options for action.

The latest edition, Water in a Changing World, was launched ahead of the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul (Turkey) in March 2009 and emphasizes the role of water in development and economic growth.

As a partner to UN Water, the WBCSD, under the leadership of Jack Moss from AquaFed, contributed business perspectives to the report.

'The 2009 edition shows how a converging set of 'drivers' is accelerating many local water crises. What is more, many of these factors amplify each others' adverse effects. Acting together they have the potential to create a global water crisis that will have regional and local impacts: from mounting demands and increasing competition between water users to water stress, too little water or too much water, unpredictability and the increased intensity of extreme events such as droughts and floods', says Jack Moss.

Key questions for business include:

  • Will your business be able to get enough water to operate?
  • How might water allocations restrict your supply chain?
  • What effects will the lack of water security have on your markets?
  • Will your customers have enough water to enable them to use your products or services?
  • Can you justify your water consumption with regard to other users?
  • Can you boost your revenues by providing solutions?

If you can't answer such questions or don't see their relevance, think again. The World Water Development Report will help you.


Whether it is manufacturing a product, constructing and operating a building, fostering an economic cluster such as information technology in the Silicon Valley, or developing the resource industry in Northern Alberta, the efficient use of water is of central importance to longterm corporate success and sustainability. at GLOBE 2010 you can hear from industry experts on how they have successfully managed their operations for increased efficiency in the use and reuse of water. Check it out at: www.globe2020.com

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