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The masters of Malt, Boortmalt, have chosen Global Water & Energy to upgrade and expand the wastewater treatment plant at their production location in Hungary

Source: Global Water & Energy

The combination of GWE’s experience in biological wastewater treatment and sound cooperation on previous Boortmalt projects convinced Boortmalt to award the order for upgrade and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant at their location in Hungary.

GWE supplied a new Sequencing Batch Reactor based on its SEQUOX™ Technology. The upgraded wastewater treatment plant is now ready for the future and will ensure Boortmalt full compliance with the required discharge standards.

In synergy, Boortmalt and GWE cooperated together to execute the civil works and electro-mechanical installation to deliver a state of the art WWTP able to reach the effluent quality water complying with the local rejection norms.

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