The most compact and fully automated BTEX analyser on the market obtains TÜV Rheinland Certification


Source: Environnement S.A

New analyzer VOC72M

The VOC72M, a key product of Environnement S.A (France) for the measurement of benzene, has obtained end of December the TÜV certification for ambient air monitoring. The analyser has passed successfully the laboratory and 3 months field investigations and found to comply with VDI 4202-1 : 2010, VDI 4203-3 : 2010, EN 14662-3 : 2005, EN 15267-1 : 2009 and EN 15267-2 : 2009.

Environnement S.A leveraged its technical leadership in this field with an extensive experience, being one of the first companies creating its first BTEX analyser almost 20 years ago.

The VOC72M third generation of the series is, up to now, the most compact and fully automated analyser on the market, self-contained and newly designed for providing equal performance to the laboratory chromatographs. Based on gas chromatography (GC) for the separation of the measured compounds coupled with a photo-ionisation detector (PID), the analyser is able to detect continuously up to 40 compounds. The standard unit dedicated to ambient for air quality monitoring applications measures the Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, m+p-Xylene, o-Xylene and 1-3 Butadiene at ounce.

Exclusive benefits, based on number of innovations include: Robust, easy to use, self diagnosis and maintenance reduced, high temperature stability, fully automated calibration of the analyser on a single cycle without need of an external PC, compatible with all power supplies (220/110V..), shorter and more durable GC column, exclusive PID detector with self cleaning feature, much more accurate BTEX measures with no need for correction algorithm, less heating power consumption (using an innovative liquid cooling system), more reliable measures (no drift), doesn’t require external PC for operation and maintenance, uses a single gas source (nitrogen), etc.

The VOC72M also incorporate an on board web server compatible with any internet browser and the Es@cloud™ user interface with on-line help for the display, configuration, maintenance, dia­gnostics or software updating of the analyser, remotely, from any PC, tablet or iPhone™.

Major Field of applications include: AQMS fixed and mobile stations, Indoor air quality & worker protection, Laboratory applications, Gas manufacturers, Industrial processes monitoring (Industrial pollution assessment)...


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