The new FlowExplorer DPSS: compact, powerful and calibrated LDA optics


Source: Dantec Dynamics

Our FlowExplorer product range is now extended with new products employing high power Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers. The move from diode lasers to DPSS lasers allows us to increase the laser power while retaining a compact optical head.

The new FlowExplorer DPSS is available with laser powers 100, 150 and 300 mW per wavelength in configurations for one, two or three velocity components. Two FlowExplorer DPSS heads are required for three velocity components.

Balanced power in all wavelengths implies similar data rates on all processor channels. Thus the performance of the LDA system is not limited by one wavelength being weaker than the other(s).
Calibrated and pre-aligned LDA system

The FlowExplorer DPSS system is delivered with a traceable calibration. This makes it well suited for flow applications requiring documented measurement uncertainty, e.g. for journal papers or for calibration of flowmeters or cup anemometers.
The optical system is pre-aligned, so set-up is very quick. The calibration data is easily read into the BSA Flow software from a CD supplied with the system. All that remains to do after that is to position the FlowExplorer DPSS at the right position and start measuring.
As a help to the user, the rear panel includes arrows indicating positive flow direction as seen by the FlowExplorer DPSS. During set-up, the software’s built-in oscilloscope and system monitor function helps the user to the optimal settings of velocity range, photomultiplier sensitivity etc.

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