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The new QR series: problem-free shredding of recyclable materials


UNTHA is expanding its product range and is set to launch a new generation of extremely reliable, versatile high-performance single-shaft shredders: the QR series. The product is all about the problem-free shredding of recyclable materials. With the QR series, operators can be sure of avoiding unscheduled downtime. These machines do what they were built for - the reliable shredding of material.

The QR series was developed and realised over a two-year period, in cooperation with users from industry and commerce. This cooperation has resulted in a new series of single-shaft shredders that leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the robust, universal cutting unit, indestructible body and reliable, completely maintenance-free pusher technology, the technical highlights of this product also include a resilient drive system that comes with a safety coupling. In contrast to standard units, the QR series does not require a shaft stub, as the gears are integrated in the rotor. This results in a significant reduction of repair efforts.

Yet another outstanding technological feature is the multi-functional flap that allows quick and easy access to the cutting chamber for the efficient emptying of the hopper and removal of foreign objects. Furthermore, the pusher may be cleaned in an ergonomic and safe position.

The simple operation is based on a high-resolution touch-screen display, intelligent pusher controls, long maintenance intervals and the quick and safe access to all machine components. All these factors combined make operation and maintenance of these units as easy as never before.

'Close cooperation with our customers throughout the entire innovation process was an essential factor in the success of this project. All technical features were inspired by the wishes and requirements of users with plenty of practical experience and therefore offer tangible added value', says Stefan Pischon, Head of R&D at UNTHA.

The QR series ranges from a rated capacity of 22 to 180 kW and a cutting unit width of 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1700 and 2100 mm.

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