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The new Sweco Multi-Motion separator


Source: Sweco Europe SA

Sweco has developed a new rectangular separator that can adapt as solids characteristics change. Combining the patented elliptical motion with linear motion technology, Sweco has created the Multi-Motion (MM) Rectangular Separator, a revolutionary separator that delivers the benefits of two distinct motions.

The groundbreaking design of the MM allows operators to use linear motion where heavy, high-volume solids are encountered. In these intervals, separators need to generate high g-forces to effectively move dense solids across the screens.

But as conditions change, the MM can be adjusted “on the fly”. With the flip of a switch on the control box, motion is reconfigured from linear to elliptical mode, solids encounter reduced g-forces and longer screen residence time. This results in drier solids, longer screen life and reduced operating costs.

Possible applications: laundry – lint removal, slurry – lime, rendering, waste water clean up, potato chip plants, food and vegetable effluents, plastic recycling wash water, ceramic slurries, pond clean up, dewatering/separation.

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