Next evolution in dewatering technology : Xelletor series


Source: Flottweg SE

Flottweg presents its innovation in the area of decanter centrifuges: the Flottweg Xelletor series.

2018-03-01 - Vilsbiburg -- Our C series already sets the benchmark in the centrifugal dewatering of sewage sludge. The brand-new Xelletor series raises the bar for mechanical separation processes to an entirely new level. The centrifuge will provide significantly better dewatering performance with lower consumption. Sewage sludge dewatering has enormous savings potential for sewage treatment plant operators. The advantage of decanter centrifuges: In comparison with other dewatering systems, they need less flocculant. At the same time, the machine scores higher on energy consumption. Our C series decanter centrifuges already provide excellent results in all three areas. But the X series beats them all. Depending on sludge quality, the centrifuge can save 20% on energy while providing significantly better performance. Not only that, but... • ... up to 15% more throughflow • ... up to 10% less sludge due to 2% higher total dry solids • ... up to 20% savings on flocculant consumption

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