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The simple solution to gas detection

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Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System for over 300 gases and vapours

The Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System is used by industries worldwide to detect gases and vapours, simply and reliably, without the need for calibration effort or power supply. It’s as easy to use as 1-2-3!

- Lightweight, compact and easy to carry
- Simple to operate for all personnel
- An accurate reading obtained in a few minutes
- Can be used in flammable atmospheres
- Needs no calibration or power supply

The Komyo Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System is an accurate and cost effective spot gas detector sampling system, offering over 300 gas detector tubes, from Ammonia to Xylene.

The System consists of a pump and glass detector tubes. The tubes are filled with an absorbent material and chemical reagent which, when in the presence of the target gas, produces a colour stain along the tube. A calibration scale is printed on the tube to enable the user to easily match the length of the colour stain to the concentration of the gas present.

The Kitagawa system is multi-functional and can be used for measuring dissolved substances in solutions, compressed breathing air testing and even blood screening in criminal investigations. Extra apparatus for the AP-20 pump offers remote testing in confined spaces and as no electricity is required, there is no added risk of explosion.

The simplest tried and tested solutions are often the best.

Typical Applications
Applications are very wide for health and safety, flue and emission gas monitoring and indoor air quality. Industries utilising the Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System are vast, including petrochemical, steel, mining, marine, engineering and agriculture:

- Health, safety & industrial hygiene: measuring the presence and concentration of harmful gases and vapours in any working area.
- Gas analysis and verification of laboratory instrument testing for over 300 toxic gases from ppb to % volume analysis. Criminal investigation & measurement of breath alcohol.
- Process control & impurity analysis: where gases are used as raw materials or intermediates, impurities in the gas can be measured to ensure high product quality.
- Air pollution control & indoor air quality: measure a range of flue gases, vehicle emissions and the efficiency of ventilation systems.
- Fire/explosion prevention: detecting combustible gases leaked and generated in work places and mines.

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