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A Safer & More Cost Efficient Tank Terminal Conforming To The New Legislation In Flanders And The Netherlands

Are you fully aware of your storage tank emissions? Is safety your tank farm's first priority? The tank storage terminal world faces multiple challenges nowadays in a world with growing demands for safety, emission values and cost reduction. In specific countries, environmental legislation is adding to the complexity of following best practices and complying with local laws and regulations. If you are looking for a partner to ensure your compliancy with local law and to efficiently reduce emissions and ensure on-site safety, The Sniffers has the expertise to assist.

What does the local legislation in Flanders and The Netherlands for tanks mean and what can you learn from it?

New legislation for storage tank terminals is currently being implemented. For tank inspection, the NTA 8399, Guidelines for detection of diffuse VOC emissions with optical gas imaging, is an integral part of new legislation. Conforming to the NTA 8399, tanks need to be checked yearly or twice a year, depending on the stored product, by means of an infrared camera. After inspection, a detailed report with emission findings, including images and video material is presented. The repair of leaks must be done directly after the inspection. If leaks cannot be repaired within a certain time frame, the reason for this delay should be stated in a detailed repair plan.

Are you ready for these changes? The Sniffers ensures that you have in-depth knowledge and an overview of tank emissions and can help you to respond fast and adequately.

Which added value can The Sniffers offer your company?


  • Fast screening with an IR-camera with improved safety for your tank roofs and walls.
  • Provide knowledge.


  • Inspect all transport piping, valves and connected equipment on the tank yard and offer a Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) program to structurally reduce emissions and ensure efficient condition-based maintenance.
  • Detect malfunctioning equipment [e.g. breather valves] early with FID/PID device by logging, during a certain time period, to improve safety and monitor performance over time.


  • Know your quantified emission losses from leaking equipment with the Hi Flow Sampler and save costs.

Tank Emission Management Free Seminar
The Sniffers is proud to announce its free seminar focusing on Tank Emission Management on February 24 2016 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. During this seminar, The Sniffers will address new legislation and discuss how we can assist you with your current challenges.

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