The solution Kuriverter RC concept - Rejuvenation of membranes


Source: Kurita


The most innovative products on the market today will come under the spotlight at the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition (Nov 3-6, 2015). Kurita registered for the Aquatech Innovation Award with Kuriverter RC! Kurita provides a new possibility to make the damage by oxidation and hydrolysis of RO membranes reversible without the need for membrane replacement. PA-membranes can be rejuvenated in < 5 hours on-site by a simple “Cure-in-Place” treatment. It is applied after the periodical acidic and alkaline cleaning, using the same equipment, i.e. no investment for additional hardware is necessary.

For more information contact us: We are also looking forward to welcome you at the Aquatech. Visit our our booth 03.303 in hall 3!

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