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The ultimate Particulate Measurement System comes to ET

Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

Leading air quality monitoring supplier Enviro Technology Services Plc, now offers what it considers to be “the ultimate ambient Particulate Measurement System”. Ambient particulate measurement is generally carried out in two ways, either by continuous automatic mass measurement using a monitor or by manual sampling and subsequent gravimetric weighing using a sampler.

As particulates (especially the very small size fractions PM10 and PM2.5) along with NO2 present one of the biggest air pollution challenges there are many monitors and samplers in the marketplace. However, Enviro Technology believe that they have found the ultimate particulate system. Mike Webley, Technical Director at from Enviro Technology explains: “The FAI SWAM5a Dual Channel is the most flexible particulate measurement system available. It is MCERTS approved and meets the criteria for EN12341 and EN14907.

It is a beta-attenuation mass monitor giving 24-hourly means, a gravimetric sampler in accordance with the EU reference methods and uniquely measures and samples two channels simultaneously. For example: PM10 and PM2.5 or PM10 and TSP.” Mike continues: “The sequential sampler enables up to 36 days unattended operation when set for 24-hour sampling (or 16 days if dual channel) and it can simultaneously sample and measure two size fractions together in one compact instrument. There is even an optional Real Time Module to measure hourly averages if required. For clients looking for monitoring and sampling of PM10 and PM2.5 together, in one instrument, the FAI SWAM5a Dual Channel really is the ultimate solution.”

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