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The world of watermaster - newsletter 2011


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The Watermaster concept originates from the mid 1980s, when the first Watermaster Classic was launched and a new era began. Watermasters created a whole new category in the field of dredgers and construction machinery by combining multipurpose capabilities with innovative and smart moving capabilities.

The concept was then systematically developed during the next decades by getting feedback from the machine owners around the world and learning from their experiences, needs and wishes. New generations arrived in 1996 (Classic II) and 2003 (Classic III) that further improved the unique concept.

Now Aquamec is proud to present the next generation Watermaster - Watermaster Classic IV, which is the actualization of all the accumulated knowledge and experience we have gathered during these decades.

Classic IV offers more depth, greater excavator and stabilizer forces, new cabin and dozens of other improvements thus still amplifying the keys to Watermaster’s success - it’s versatility, mobility, reliability and comfort.

Classic IV further strengthens Watermaster’s already solid position as the technology leader in the field of portable dredgers. We hope you enjoy learning more about Classic IV from this Newsletter, which explores the new advantages of Watermaster.

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