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The world of watermaster - newsletter 2015


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The growth of urban population is a trend that is likely to continue in future decades. More than half of the people globally are already living in densely populated areas. More people means more strain on the environment - urbanization is exerting increasing pressure on urban water systems and indirectly on rural waters as well. Water related problems have emerged as one of the most critical environmental issues around Asia, Africa and South America.

In many parts of the world urban and rural inland waters collect massive quantities of untreated domestic, municipal, agricultural and industrial waste water. The root causes of the pollution need to be addressed accordingly, but Watermasters can help with the restoration work.

Large-scale environmental dredging with the best available technology is a necessity in order to reach positive long-term environmental goals and economic revitalization.

Cleaning and deepening of urban canals and all shallow waterways by suction dredging and backhoe dredging, removing of invasive vegetation by raking, strengthening of river banks by piling and building of infrastructure in water environment – this is what 300 Watermaster units are used for in over 65 countries.

A mobile fleet of Watermasters is the smart solution for governments, municipalities and construction and dredging companies that need to work in shallow waters. Flexible Watermasters can be utilized in all applications from dry ground to six meters depth, that would otherwise need separate single purpose machines. The Integrated Watermaster Advantages (IWOS & IWSS) ensure the efficient, economical and trouble-free performance.

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