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The world of watermaster - newsletter 2017


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Focus on shallow water dredging is increasing. Extensive urbanisation and deforestation has led to massive siltation and pollution in many inland water bodies around the world. Unpredictable climate extremes are becoming more and more frequent, causing floods and many other problems. As the amount of shallow water projects increases, so does the variety of available dredging machinery. This is a good thing, but it is important to use all machinery in a correct and safe way.

Inland dredging of rivers, lakes, canals and ponds is regularly done by using different types of excavators: a long reach excavator, an excavator mounted on a barge and a floating excavator. This is due to the wide availability of such machinery – there is always an excavator somewhere nearby. But is something, which is primarily designed for operating on land, really the best available solution for water work and dredging?

Excavators are not certified dredging vessels inspected by maritime authorities. Excavators, whether barge-mounted or floating, are a significant safety risk when operating in open waters. Many accidents have happened when excavators have been used outside their work area.

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