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The world of watermaster - newsletter 2018


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Water is vital; no living thing can survive without it. Yet only a small fraction, about 0,014%, of all water on earth is easily accessible freshwater that people, animals and plants mainly rely on. The majority of all water is salty seawater and the majority of freshwater is locked in icecaps and glaciers. You might think that something as rare and important as freshwater would have always been treated with great respect. Surprisingly this is not true. Many of the world’s rivers, lakes and other sources of freshwater are heavily polluted. Clean water is now a luxury that only some can enjoy. This should not be the case. We need to take better care of this precious resource.

For centuries individuals and businesses alike discarded their waste directly into natural waters and sadly this is still happening widely. It is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of unwanted trash, but it is also a very short-sighted thing to do. Floating plastic-waste is easy to see, as in the picture above, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Massive nutrient pollution from agriculture, large amounts of heavy metals and other toxic substances from industries and tons of litter and untreated wastewater from residential areas are now choking rivers, lakes and oceans across the globe. The world is getting more and more thirsty and we have less and less of clean water available. Water pollution is one of the most critical problems we are facing today.

The condition of our waters is a reflection of our way of thinking. Our way of thinking clearly has to change. We have plenty of information now on how our actions affect the environment. With increased knowledge we can make better, smarter decisions than what we have made in the past. We have to stop polluting the resource we need the most. We also need to clean up the mess we have already made.

We all want the same - clean water to drink and a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment to live in. With strong cooperation, determination and modern technology it is completely possible to restore, protect and develop our waters to make this dream a reality.

We should not settle for anything less. Let’s celebrate all progress that takes us closer to this collective goal. All waters were clean once, together we can restore what we have damaged. And we must. Let’s fix this.

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