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The world`s lightest conveyor belt put into operation at Shanxi, China


On July 20th, 2015, the world's lightest conveyor belt, HHE coonveyor belt, which is designed and manufactured by Qingdao Huaxia Rubber Industry Co.,ltd, was tested successfully at the project of Yellow River Water transportation tunnel TBM I, Shanxi, China. 

Following the TBM, the belt’s transportation capacity reached 300 tons per hour, the conveyor belt width was 650mm, and stored belt length was 600m.

Because of the belt’s excellent light and energy saving features, it helped the conveyor systems overcome a lot difficulties for this project, such as small diameter of the tunnel, small TBM space, line overlap of locomotives and belt conveyor, more layers for belt storage required and other difficulties.

The following are advantages of HHE belt comparing with traditional ST belt:

  1. 33% lower weight 
  2. Lower rolling resistance: Deforming indentation rolling resistance reduce 56%
  3. 20% less investment because of smaller motor and pulley diameter 
  4. Max 40%-50% power consumption reduction 
  5. Extend the conveyor length limit to max 20KM
  6. Smaller turning radius with excellent longitudinal flexibility
  7. Better trough-ability, narrower belt can be designed for conveyor system

It is widely used in China now on tunneling project and overland conveyor system; following the energy-intensive issue all over the world, the HHE belt will have a huge  market in the future. 

Should you be interested in this new belt, please do not hesitate to contact us for further informaton.

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