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Thermal Desorption opens at Waste Recovery Park


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Augean plc was granted authorisation to build and operate an innovative waste recovery park for the treatment of hazardous wastes, located on land adjacent to its existing landfill site at Port Clarence, Teesside.

The 12.7 hectare site will provide an integrated waste management facility that uses several complementary treatment processes to recover more waste for reuse and recycling, providing techniques which deliver BAT (Best Available Technique) thus replacing the older disposal methods such as high temperature incineration. Primarily hazardous but also selected non-hazardous waste streams will be treated using technologies such as soil washing, plasma treatment, lime based stabilisation, bioremediation, thermal desorption and anaerobic digestion together with other forms of physico-chemical treatment and material recovery. The treatment processes will be complementary to and integrate with the adjacent landfilling operation and will include power generation and effluent treatment. The primary objective of the development is to provide a flexible, market responsive treatment infrastructure which is based on the best available technologies and environmental controls.

Thermal Desorption

One of the first major developments in the above project has been the installation of a £2 million investment in new indirect fired thermal desorption technology.

The thermal desorption unit is used to treat organically contaminated hazardous and non hazardous wastes using a combination of patented techniques to recover organic fractions and in doing so rendering the remaining residue suitable for either re-use, recycling or disposal via appropriate highly engineered landfill installations.

Types of wastes the unit can treat include materials such as soils, sediments, centrifuge sludges, filter cakes, tank bottoms, geologic debris and other similar solids which are organically contaminated. The broad range of organic contaminants amenable to treatment via this unit includes compounds ranging from PCBs and PAHs to organic solvents, as well as oils and petroleum products.

A number of Open Days are planned in September to give interested parties the opportunity to view the plant in action and discuss its capabilities with members of Augean. Details of the Open Days are available on

Augean are also in the process of commissioning Infra-Red thermal desorption units at two of its Treatment Centres. Whilst being capable of treating wastes received at the Augean Treatment Centres, these units are also designed to be mobile and in being so providing the environmental and financial benefits attained via in-situ treatment.

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