Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds Greater Sensitivity to its Simple Solution for Mercury Monitoring

FRANKLIN, Mass. (May 9, 2007) – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, offers coal-fired power plants the Mercury Freedom System™, a mercury monitoring solution with a simplicity of design that results in maximum ease of use and maintenance, lower installation and operating costs, high reliability, and lower space requirements. In addition, the system is available with the MaxSense™ option for installations with total stack Hg concentrations below 1.0 g/m3, providing these low emitters with five times the mercury monitoring sensitivity.

The Mercury Freedom System’s simplicity is evidenced by the seamless integration of four basic components: a probe incorporating an innovative dry converter and HgCl2 generator in the stack; a probe controller, mercury analyzer and elemental calibrator, all fitting into a standard EIA rack in the shelter. For low emitters, the MaxSense option is easily installed and fully integrated with the system at the shelter. The MaxSense is a compact nitrogen dilution system that is fed by standard zero air. This is key for reducing system MDL from 0.04 g/m3 to 0.008 g/m3, raising sensitivity by five orders of magnitude.

“Increasingly powerful mercury control technologies call for more sensitive monitoring equipment to maximize a plant’s emission credits,” said Michael Nemergut, marketing director for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Air Quality Instruments business. “That’s why Thermo Fisher Scientific offers innovative options, like the MaxSense, to meet the rapidly changing emissions monitoring requirements and help coal-fired power plants become more effective in dealing with regulatory mandates. With this new level of sensitivity added to a system already superior for its precision and simplicity, the Mercury Freedom System becomes the even clearer choice for mercury monitoring.”

The Mercury Freedom System’s inherent flexibility readily lends itself to this and potential future adaptations to meet the power industry’s evolving needs.

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