Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils new series of air-cooled peltier accessories

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, announces the launch of a new series of Air-Cooled Peltier accessories for use with Thermo Scientific UV-Visible spectrophotometers. Designed to offer scientists in the life and food science, pharmaceutical, environmental and chemical laboratories high performance, these  Peltier accessories deliver precise temperature control in a convenient and compact air-cooled design. For assays that require accurate and constant temperature control, the Peltier accessories provide a low maintenance and efficient alternative to traditional liquid thermostatted devices.

Peltier accessories are small, solid-state devices, consisting of a semiconductor junction bonded to two plates to which a direct electrical current is applied and are widely used for temperature control. To run efficiently, they require a heat dispersal system to remove heat that builds up during operation. Using air instead of water to regulate the temperature, the Air-Cooled Peltier accessories provide scientists with greater efficiencies by eliminating the laborious procedure of monitoring recirculating water levels, adding anti-freeze and anti-bacterial mixtures to a water-cooling system.

For many assays it is critical that the temperature be constant throughout the sample analysis. The Air-Cooled Peltier accessories contain built-in magnetic stirring, which helps maintain thermal equilibrium throughout the sample by eliminating thermal gradients within the cuvette. The stir speed is regulated by an external control module and software. The software also enables scientists to rapidly specify the temperature they require for analysis. The excellent temperature control system has been proven to offer superior performance and reliability. Additionally, the accessories allow scientists flexibility to choose from a wide range of temperatures between 20º and 60º C, covering the biologically relevant temperature of 25, 37, and 50°C.

The new Air-Cooled Peltier accessories are available for the Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10 series, GENESYS 10 Bio, BioMate 3, BioMate 5, Helios series, UV1, Evolution 60, Evolution 100 and Evolution 300/600 UV-Visible spectrophotometers.

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