Threatening phosphorus shortage

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for all plants and animals. It is also one of the three key components (together with nitrogen and potassium) of fertilizers, and therefore crucial for the world's food supply system. Since there is not yet an alternative for phosphorus, innovative strategies are needed to ensure its availability. The NFTG intends this seminar to accelerate the search for solutions and help develop opportunities created by the phosphorus crisis.

Speakers at the seminar, such as Arno Rosemarin of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), will highlight national and international opportunities relating to phosphorus shortage. The seminar will be hosted by Prof. dr ir Wim Rulkens. The NFTG is also going to announce the creation of a Nutrient Bureau that is going to address challenges and opportunities relating to phosphorus depletion.

Prior to the seminar, the Technology Assessment (TA) Steering Committee, which was set up by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, is to hold a press presentation during which the Steering Committee will present the phosphorus policy paper and its vision on possible solutions, as well as recommendations for research and policy.

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