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Three weeks after HydroFLOW installation the "problems disappeared"


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The Ibis is a beautiful bird. However at Lunaret zoo in France, the Ibis pool area was experiencing water quality problems. Mostly due to the bird droppings, the water gave off “an unbearable smell”. A large amount of biofilm and algae was also present which required the filter to be cleaned DAILY. For the Zoo Maintenance Team,  the two main challenges were maintaining efficient filtration of the water and keeping the bacterial count low without adding too much chlorine. Three weeks after HydroFLOW installation “problems disappeared”. The filter does not clog anymore and the water is clear. It is still necessary to clean the sand filter every day but it is no longer necessary to completely drain the pool every week. Odours “the unbearable smell” have totally disappeared and there is no more growth of biofilm or algae. We are so happy to know that our Hydropath Technology water conditoners now make the Ibis Pool a much more pleasant experience for the birds themselves and for visitors alike. HydroFLOW uses non-chemical flocculation to help existing filters work more effectively. The water becomes clearer, and the filter itself becomes easier to clean. This means that the amount of water wasted on backwashing – and the energy and chemicals used to heat and treat it – can be dramatically reduced.

Thank you Hydroflow France for this heart warming story.

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