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Tire Chipper Prototype


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Sidewall Chipper Preliminary Testing

May 8, 2013 at EECO's Manufacturing Facility -- After months of design and fabrication we are now in the final stages of testing for our newest product.

Our Sidewall Chipper will create chipped rubber from sidewalls that have had their beads removed in a single pass with no need for steel extraction.  Removal of the bead wire prior to chipping creates a more efficient machine that results in an affordable end product for our customers.

Our efforts have been focused on producing a line of equipment to allow our customers to take a whole tire and turn it into a valuable product that can be sold to multiple industries.  

We understand the needs of our customers in the tire recycling industry.  Tire Recycling Equipment need to be affordable, dependable and require minimal downtime when in repair.

Our biggest challenge while building our Sidewall Chipper was overcoming the horse power needs found on traditional shredding equipment.  The cutting bits and feed system have been specifically designed to cut the sidewall in as efficient a way as possible.  This resulted in only a 15HP requirment for producing rubber chips correctly sized for both the mulch and TDF markets in a single pass.

Another challenge we set for ourselves was to produce a single pass sidewall chipper that costed less than $10,000.  This price point required that our design be as simple as possible with as little special parts to be incorporated into its design.  We are confident we have accomplished this goal as well.

The Sidewall Chipper will be available to our customers in the following weeks!

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