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TITECH hails world´s largest sensor-based waste sorting testing facility as great sucess on its first anniversary after reopening

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07/09/2011; Mühlheim-Kärlich, Germany -- Sensor-based waste sorting systems manufacturer TITECH has announced the new testing facility at its headquarters in Mühlheim-Kärlich, Germany, has proven to be a resounding success after its first year of operation after reopening.

Launched in July 2010, the 1,500m² testing facility is the world’s largest and has undertaken over 286 tests for customers based in 40 countries. This represents 30 percent more tests compared to the test facility before reopening.

The testing facility features all of TITECH’s associated sorting and recycling technologies. Set in a loop initially, the waste is screened using a ballistic separator if required.

Representing an overall investment of 4.5 million Euros, it has been designed to allow several different processes to run concurrently so that a customer’s operating environment can be accurately simulated. Such is the pace of development at the test facility that it is already on its fourth generation, as its operational capabilities are continually refined.

The facility is directed by TITECH’s Dr Ralph Uepping and operated by a specialist team of engineers, who work directly with customers to develop innovative work flows during the testing process. This approach enables TITECH to provide a level of test support which is unsurpassed within the industry.

Commenting on the facility, Tom L. Eng, sales director at TITECH said: “At TITECH we are absolutely committed to continuous improvement and providing customers with solutions designed for their individual requirements.

“Our test facility underpins those objectives as it allows us to run our systems as they would be when installed to assess efficiency and functionality. The data created when testing enables us to carry out any necessary adjustments. This ensures that when the systems are delivered anywhere in the world they will immediately start working as effectively as possible.

“We are very pleased with the response we have had from our customers to our test facility. They regard it as an excellent service which clearly differentiates TITECH within the global waste sorting marketplace and which adds significant value to their businesses.”

All TITECH customers have the option of using the test facility. During testing Dr Uepping and his engineering team ensure that the sorting systems are calibrated to deliver optimum levels of sorting and recycling for each individual customer’s requirements.

Over 25 different applications can be tested including the recovery of copper from ferrous scrap, organic waste separation, wire recovery, WEEE, car shredder, mixed municipal waste sorting and packaging sorting.

One customer who has used the test facility to enhance his waste recycling operation is Stephen Blakeley, Managing Director of Blakeleys Waste Management Ltd. Stephen said: “I visited the TITECH test facility in June 2011 and found it an invaluable experience. We at Blakeleys are currently redesigning our MRF for commercial and industrial waste. We shipped a sample of our waste which was processed through the facility. The separation equipment and the ability of the TITECH machines was amazing, it really proved to us what can be achieved and the data we received on composition of the waste has helped tremendously in the design of our MRF . The professional staff and the obvious investment in R+D means that there can only be one supplier of optical sorting equipment for Blakeleys - we choose TITECH every time.”

TITECH is a division of TOMRA sorting solutions which means it also benefits from a global network of eight other testing facilities located on all continents which include sorting for mining and food.

Jonathan Clarke, country manager for the UK, concluded: “We ensure that knowledge and insights are always shared between the test facilities so that innovation and new product development can be enhanced, ensuring TITECH remains the world leader in sensor-based waste sorting and recycling systems.”

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