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Tobee® Warman MC, MCR mill circuit slurry pumps


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Tobee® TMC, TMCR mill circuit slurry pumps

16th,May,2019 -- SPECIFICATIONS:

Size: 5' - 30'
Capacity: Max.10,225m3/h
Head: Max.55 m
Pressure: Max.130 psi
Materials: Rubber, High chrome etc.

Tobee® TMC Mill Circuit Duty Slurry Pumps are interchangeable with MC/MCR mill circuit pumps easily manage large size particles in dense abrasive slurries and are specifically designed for the most severe slurry applications such as ball and SAG mill cyclone feed plus water-flush crushing in mineral processing plants. They are also suitable for use as slurry transfer pumps on arduous applications such as gravel dredging or coarse coal cyclone feed.
MC Mill Circuit Pump hydraulics are based on more than 25 years of fundamental and applied research and backed up by wear performance field trials. Unique design and wear evaluation software ensures high efficiency and optimum life.
Warman MC Mill Circuit Pump designs incorporate the latest in hard alloy and elastomer technology, extending wear life in highly abrasive and corrosive slurries.

The MC range mill circuit pump is engineered to enable different material combinations:
MCR pump – elastomer liners inside ductile iron outer casing with metal impeller and metal or elastomer throatbush and frame plate liner insert
MCU pump – all metal unlined hard white iron casing with metal impeller, throatbush and frame
plate liner insert
MCM pump – hard white iron metal liners inside ductile iron outer casing with metal impeller, throatbush and frame plate liner insert

Detailed Features:

• Large diameter, low speed, high efficiency impellers
• Latest wear resistant materials
• Interchangeable elastomer or metal liners, or unlined metal
• Simple full face side liner adjustment
• Self centreing stuffing box design
• Fast one-piece wet-end changeout on larger sizes
• Reverse rotation also available to minimise wear in special sump orientations

Tobee® TMC » MC Mill Circuit Pumps On-site Applications:

• Mill Circuit

• Mineral processing

• Coarse coal
• Chemical and Fertilization

• Power generation
• Mining
• Paper mill wastes and liquors
• Precipitated CaCO3
• Plaster
• Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding
• Pulp and paper
• Cyclone feed

• Waste water treatment

• Dirty water
• Waste sludge
• Ball mill discharge
• Rod mill discharge
• SAG mill discharge
• Fine tailings
• Flotation
• Heavy media process
• Minerals concentrate
• Mineral sands
• Coal-washing plant
• Coarse sand
• Coarse tailings
• Dredging
• Wet crushers aplications
• Wet scrubber systems
• Process chemical
• Iron and Steel
• Ni acid slurry
• Fracking slurries
• Clay and sand slurries
• Kaolin clay
• Carbon slurry
• Lime mud
• Oil sands
• Phosphoric acid

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