Today, Cambridge, tomorrow, Europe

The success of Cambridge-based EEC EUROPE LTD depends on finding the best way to exploit their new range of advanced water and wastewater treatment package plants throughout Europe, says Dennis Hunter EEC Europe’s Chartered Environmentalist and Managing Director.

These unique modular Bio systems are manufactured by specialists Devise engineering SA based in Athens Greece as part of a new Partnership with EEC Europe. This unique biological wastewater treatment plant has been developed for the UK and European markets for treating sewage, municipal and industrial wastewater.

Modular Units - These unique High-Speed Bio Tech units can be operated in parallel or in series, and have a very small footprint. The High-Speed Bio Tech units can treat for the removal of BOD, COD, SS, Ammonia and Nutrients, offering the end-user flexibility with a quality final effluent discharge or water re-use.

Machine Room – Each system has a machine room with a central control box making the operation of the plant completely automatic. Maintenance is low with few moving parts and the plant can be installed and commissioned within a few days. The client has only to provide a level concrete base, three phase electricity and a Balance Tank to feed the biological treatment plant and level out peak flows.

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