Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM)

Top-Level Executive Needed at National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Are you a lop-icwi executive seeking a career at one of the preeminent biomedical research msvtuuons in the Nation and the world? The Director. ORS. coordinates activities and works to manage, develop and implement programs related to: occupational health: radiation safety: biomedical engineering and instrumentation resources, medical arts and photograph/ library support, veterinary resources, security and public safely employee transportation services mail and printing services; and management of food travel, chiidcare. fitness services and employee amenities throughout the nih  He/she manages, develops and implements a security program in a biomedical research setting including health care facilities, research laboratories, and a hospital, and ensures appropriate use and protection ot select agents Provides guidance to senior program and scientific staff on a broad range of research support services to support and advance the achievement of NiHs mission. Builds organization capability through the development and implementation of effective hiring and development strategies and continuously strives to incorporate new ideas and information into ORS policies and procedures He/she presents ideas and innovative solutions, taking into account input and opinions from key stakeholders serves as a role model, demonstrates integnty and fairness, and adheres to the highest ethics and business practice standards. ORS has a staff of approximately 525 employees with an annual budget of approximately 3254 million dollars

We are looking for a diverse pool of applicants with senior-level experience who have a commitment to excelence and the energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to lead a dynamic and diverse organization The successful candidate for this position will be appointed within a salary range of $126,148-$189,600   A Relocation incentive may be authorized subject to individual approval Fun Federal benefits. Deluding leave, health and life insurance, retirement, and savings plan (401K equivalent), will be provided. Selectee must be able to obtain and maintain a Top-Secret security clearance

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