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Trace elements in soil: New certified reference material released


JRC-IRMM has released a new soil certified reference material ERM-CC141, which has been certified for a number of trace elements.

ERM-CC141 is a natural loam soil certified for the mass fraction of the total and aqua regia extractable content (ISO 11466) of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, magnesium, nickel, lead and zinc at the mg/kg range.

ERM-CC141 loam soil is intended to replace the old BCR-141R calcareous loam soil, and together with BCR-142R Light Sandy Soil and BCR-143R Sewage Sludge Amended Soil to be an useful quality control tool for the laboratories involved in element determinations in soils or other similar matrices.

ERM-CC141 is primarily intended for method performance control and for validation purposes (e.g. trueness estimation).

They have been processed and certified in accordance to ISO Guides 34 and 35. Details about material sampling, processing and certification are described in detail in the certification report, available together with the certificate in our online catalogue.

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