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Transient Technologies LLC comes up with an improved positioning


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GPR’s method of probing allows one to receive loads of data on a high speed. The emergence of new component base and the development of computer hardware allow one to increase the speed of GPR’s probing.

Moreover, the positioning of GPR’s data should be done quickly and preferably automatically. For this matter, one uses DGPS or Total Station that provide positioning on a high speed.  
However, the high price of these methods strikes manufacturers to search for alternatives.

Transient Technologies LLC suggests using traditional measuring wheel, which can be used as an automatic method of topocorrection. Early on, we have presented the method of automatic topographic correction that is based on using odometer and tilt sensors.

Generally, the measuring territory is not rectangular, while the grid of parallel profiles is running. Therefore, making the positioning of each profile gets more complicated.

The new feature has been added in the last version of Synchro3 software. The one who runs GPR doesn’t need to measure the displacement of the beginning of the profile on the course. Simply mark the main axis on the landfill so that each of the profiles comes across the main axis will intersect at a right angle. During the probing, the moment when the antenna comes across the main axis, the profile ties. The one who runs the GPR presses the 'Tie' button. The details of the method may be found in methodical guidelines for using GPR.

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