Try our web-based training in Oil & Gas geostatistics


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Web-based training is a perfect way to benefit from interactive training sessions comfortably seated at your keyboard, without worrying about travel or accommodation costs.

Ask Geovariances to schedule your sessions and get your geostatistics training at the time you need it.

Sessions can be organized for yourself or several people within your company.

Pick up your course from our training catalog or ask for your preferred topics:

  • Basic concepts of geostatistics – Data analysis and variography
  • Kriging and cokriging - Theory and best practices
  • Advanced mapping techniques and uncertainty quantification
  • Time-to-Depth conversion and volumetrics
  • Geostatistical filtering of seismic data
  • Populating a geological model with properties
  • Geostatistical simulations post-processing – Integration of dynamic data

A la carte content session may also be organized according to your own objectives and needs.

In any case, courses organized in as many 1.5-hour on-line sessions as needed to cover it.

Want to get enrolled?

Simply contact your sales representative or write at to discuss your needs. You will organize and schedule your program together, at your preferred rhythm, over a period of maximum one month.

What you will need

An evaluation version of Isatis will be provided during this period. You only need an Internet connection and headphones with a microphone.

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