TSCA regulatory compliance: challenges and solutions


Source: Verisk 3E

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) requirements are often overlooked or not well understood.  Not only do TSCA import requirements need to be considered prior to importation, but other requirements under TSCA which apply after the materials are used and finished products are manufactured must also be understood. 

For this webinar, join a panel of 3E Experts who will provide an overview of TSCA requirements including applicable sections of TSCA pertaining specifically to or potentially impacting imported materials and products. 

Highlights of this Seminar will include overviews of the following:

  • TSCA Regulatory Tracking, including the latest developments surrounding TSCA reform
  • TSCA Compliance
  • TSCA 8b status reviews and certifications
  • 8c and 8e review and submission - allegations of adverse effects
  • Import certifications - TSCA Stamp
  • Export notifications
  • Exemptions assessments and certifications: R&D, Polymer, LoRex
  • PMN Submissions - LVE's, NOC's, bona fide letters
  • Projects - IUR, SNUR, SNUN
  • Audits

Finally, our experts will highlight how 3E Company's TSCA and Manufacturing Services can provide a cost-effective solution to companies facing the ongoing challenge of ensuring compliance with chemical control laws.

The last day to register is March 9th (Asia) and March 10th (US & Europe).

The confirmation link you will receive will be unique to your name and E-mail address only.  If you know others who may be interested in joining this webinar then please forward this email to them so that they can sign up individually.

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