Tube/Pipe Mill For Sale From Rishbin Manufacturer



Tube/Pipe Mill For Sale From Rishbin Manufacturer

Rishbin is an established manufacturer of many types of high frequency welded tube mill with tube diameter from 8 mm to 610mm, square & rectangular tube mill for making ERW/API and related applications rating maximum up to 120m/min which is based on German and Taiwan Design and technology. Our tube mill advantages are the custom design, horizontal accumulators, digital length control, competitive tooling, very competitive pricing, good delivery time, installation and start-up assistance, very good service & training and very good warranty.

Tube mill includes Fully mechanized system with Automatic feeding spiral system with NC cold saw cut of the unit and High-frequency solid state power saving Welders.

Tube mill mainly consists of strip preparation, pipe forming, welding, cooling, sizing straightening, pipe cut-off unit, and pipe take-off unit. A forming motor and a sizing motor and power transmission are done by worm gearboxes driving the whole machine.

The strip first requires leveling and straightening which is done by passing the strip through strip leveler, pinch rolls, and guide rolls. After this, the strip is passed through various forming rolls where the strips are converted into open seam pipe. Then it reaches the welding unit where the edges of the open seam tube are heated by HF induction generator (or any other welding equipment). Immediately after heating, the edges of the pipe are forged (fused) in the squeezing unit and it takes the shape of the complete pipe.

After welding, the welding portion is scrapped by bead scrapping unit then the tube is cooled in the cooling jacket. For making it exact round the pipe is passed through sizing unit and then through Turks head for straightening. After this, the tube is cut into required length by a moving cutting machine and pushed to take off the table. 

Check the hot selling pipe mill machine of Rishin:

1.Square Welded Tube Mill

square tube mill

The production of square/rectangular pipes adopts the combined roller. The roller position will be adjusted by spacer and motor adjustment to realize one set of the roller to apply for different size of pipe. The square or rectangular shaping is formed out before the tube welding, with important advantages in terms of power and material cost reduction.

Square and rectangular pipe mill feature:
The position of the roller will be adjusted automatically by the motor. And roller can be shared with different size, so time and labor are saved when changing size.
Multipoint pre-flex assembled forming roller design technology, flexible Cold Roll Forming, high-quality product, low roller loss.
AC motor drives individually, which is higher effective lower energy consumption and maintenance cost.
Perfect shape of the tube, the R Angle maintain uniform.

Advantages of Square Welded Tube Mill:
Great flexibility and the possibility of modifying the tube dimension without any roll change (in forming - welding - sizing - straightening) for any size included in the mill size range.
Extreme reduction of the mill set up time.
Elimination of all cost for roll sets.
The increase of productivity and reduction of stock and relative costs.
Manpower reduction by using fully automatically mill operation and adjustments.
Minimal and easy maintenance.
Display with the automatic illustration of tube section for each production step.
Friendly and easy operation of software for setting up of any production parameter, including tube angle radius.

2. Stainless Steel Tube Mill

High-precision stainless steel pipe mill line is specially designed to produce the industrial stainless steel pipe, which can be widely applied in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, power stations, oil refining, seawater desalination and other high-end pipe making field. Rishbin has one perfect manufacturing process and layout rational for forming, sizing, lubricating, welding, heat treatment, cooling, cleaning to made up defects of the original making stainless steel pipe in production process, which reduces distortion and scratching of the pipes. The stainless steel pipe making machine, it is equipped with solid & rigid, stable under operation, and adopts of ground & high precise gear driving spindle to lower the malfunction of the machine. The most importance is that it always keeps products having a standard top quality. In order to meet different working capacity required, we present a complete series machines to satisfy you at free choice.
ss pipe mill

The whole production line could be producing stainless steel pipe/tube under mass production. The whole process is uncoiler, butting welding, accumulator, leveling, forming, welding, annealing, polishing, sizing, straightening, finishing, cutting to length, milling and run out table to collect. It could be done continuously and automatically. The machine could be customized designed and built, easy feature and operation, labor cost saving. Stainless steel tube mill is able to produce different type of stainless steel pipe/tube, such as round and square pipe/tube.

The whole production line up

Single head / Double head uncoiler
Strip butt welding equipment: Manual welding table or shear and butt welding machine
3 stage roller tube making the machine
1. Forming section
2. Welding section
3. Sizing section
Cooling section
Weld bead grinder
Auto - cut off
Run out table
Electric control system
TIG welding machine + cooling equipment/ plasma welding machine + cooling equipment
Rolls material is SKD 11

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