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Whenever waste is handled or disposed, it is vital to evaluate any potential hazard both to humans and the environment. The main problem is the release of soluble components upon contact with water. Thus the analysis of representative waste samples is necessary and even defined by European Standards for waste acceptance criteria.

In order to replicate conditions of the analysis for leachate water, this particular standard procedure requires an overhead shaker with a rotation speed of 5 - 10 turns per minute. The elution should be done at room temperature in a wide neck flask with a designated volume of 2 litres.

Approximately 100g of sample weighed accurately to 1g from a representative sample of approximately 2Kg, prepared to have 90% with a particle size of less than 10mm. The amount of solvent (10 litres per Kg soil sample) as well as a high 12-bottle capacity requires a powerful shaker. Furthermore, 24 hours of continuous shaking requires a powerful motor and sturdy construction.

At the end of the elution process, the non-dilluted residue is separated and the solution analysed further. The pH value and conductivity provide information about the extracted substances.

Gerhardt Rotoshake 12 meets all these requirements. Thanks to the unique drive of the cylinder with powerful and maintenance free motors, the shaker can even be loaded unevenly. All moving parts are protected behind a closed safety hood. In addition, up to 9 shaking programmes can be defined with continuous monitoring of the process of each individual programme.

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