Turbidity curtain: granite environmental ensures turbidity barrier availablility


Granite Environmental, Inc. , located on the East Coast of Florida, is pleased to announce that it, together with its contracted manufacturers, ensures the turbidity barrier and curtain availability for dregding jobs, marine construction projects, pile driving and site work (stormwater sheetflow) activities globally, but especially in the United States of America.

Granite Environmental, Inc. (GEI) is a leading international contract manufacturer in providing cost effective, field tested and proven environmental & BMP products, and portable tanks. The product variety includes turbidity & silt barriers, dewatering bags & geotextile tubes, oil spill cleanup & spill containment equipment, debris & trash booms, pond liners, WWTP water control baffles, portable small scale incinerators, geotextile liners, natural fiber erosion control products, and portable collapsible static tanks.

GEI serves in the following markets: North and South America, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa.

According to Mark Wilkie, President of Granite Environmental, Inc., 'In an environmental crisis like this oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, where all resources are needed to manufacture hard oil containment booms to support the oil spill cleanup responders, the need for turbidity barrier and curtain, used to contain and control turbidity and silt in a water body, related to dredging, marine, pile driving, and site work projects and activities, has lost focus. While most manufacturers in the USA use their production facilities up to 100% to build oil booms, Granite Environmental has set up a production chain to ensure turbidity barrier availability in the USA and internationally. Contact GEI to secure your turbidity barrier project requirements!'

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