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Turn your used drill bits into a valuable resource!


Sandvik Mining will pay a premium market price for clean, uncontaminated, used cemented carbide bits. This is not limited to Sandvik manufactured products; similar drill bits produced by other suppliers will also be accepted.

A centralized collection depot has been established in each country; all Sandvik Mining Customer Service Centres have now been set up to receive used carbide-enhanced products.

Products we can accept include:

• Drill bits from top hammer, rotary tri-cone and raisebore cutters

• Bits from down-the-hole hammers

• Ground engaging tools

• Cutting tools for tunneling, trenching, grading, road planing and mining.

Reducing resource wastage and pollution

Product that has been recaptured from our customers is sent to our recycling centre in Chiplun, India, where Sandvik has established a specialized tungsten carbide recycling operation capable of efficiently extracting the carbide inserts from the steel retaining matrix. The cemented carbides are recycled using the zinc method which converts them back to a PRZ (Process Recycled Zinc) powder for re-use as raw materials in the production of new inserts – and in turn into new rock drill bits.

In addition to recovering the PRZ, the process allows for the cobalt content (of approximately 8% by weight) to be separated and further recovered in its purest form, to be also used in the manufacture of new products. The process reduces energy consumption by around 75% compared with using virgin materials. This in turn relates to a decline in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 40% per cemented carbide insert produced. Nitrous oxide emissions are also reduced, while the use of

hazardous chemicals is virtually eliminated. Sandvik Mining’s aim is to achieve a 50% return and recycle ratio over the next five years.

Environmental best practice

Our Chiplun recycling plant complies with the most stringent environmental standards, and is certified to the ISO 14001 international standard.

Supplying your used bits to Sandvik

Contact Sandvik via our website at and we’ll provide a simple checklist to ensure that the used bits you supply to us conform to our requirements, and are clean, free of contamination and radiation to a standard that we are able to accept. We’ll provide you with an indication of what we will pay for your used bits and arrange transport from your sites on a FOT (Free on Truck) basis. Simply call your local Sandvik Sales office and we’ll supply details of your nearest collection depot.

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