Twelve probes for one smart meter

HACH LANGE has announced a further suite of IntelliCAL™ sensors for use with its HQd digital water quality meters. As a result, users will be able to swap sensors quickly and easily for the measurement of six key parameters (BOD, Conductivity, DO, ORP, pH, and sodium).

Uniquely, all IntelliCAL™ probes interchange fully with a single HQd meter, which recognises both the probe and its calibration history.

HACH LANGE is currently running a promotion for UK customers who already own an HQd meter – until 1st September 2009 they will receive a 50% discount on an HQd Firmware Kit which updates the unit to the latest version and enables easier data download to a PC.

The HQd platform of smart sensors and meters delivers a new level of simplicity and flexibility to customers in a broad range of industries from the utilities to environmental research and from manufacturing to laboratory analysis.

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