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Two large seminars in Japan


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Again two seminars in Tokyo and Osaka caused great rush.

Overall, 240 existing and new customers enjoyed a presentation of our product manager about treatment processes and the used WTW instrumentation in Germany.

The events in Tokyo and Osaka were opened by a keynote speech about wastewater in general, held by a highly regarded Japanese professor. Followed by a 1.5 hour long presentation of our product manager with subsequent Q&A part. The seminars were completed by customer discussions and products presentations by our dealer.

The main topics of the seminars were:

  • Treatment processes in Germany (Activated sludge, Bio-P, etc.)
  • Control strategies in the biological tank and in the clarifiers
  • Savings potentials in terms of energy, and cost-of-ownership
  • Application examples from Germany
  • The IQ SENSOR NET Systems 282/284 and 2020
  • The calibration free oxygen sensor FDO® 700 IQ
  • The robust ISE sensor VARiON® to detect NH4 and NO3
  • The spectral sensors with reagent-free methods for COD, NO3 and NO2
  • The phosphate analyzer P 700 IQ with low reagent consumption

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