Two-shaft shredders put to sea


Source: Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH

Four M450/2s start on a long sea journey...

It would be best for our latest four two shaft shredders if they do not suffer from sea-sickness, otherwise acclimatization to life on a large pipeline ship could be a long process.

On board they will be used for volume reduction of steel swarf.

On board a ship volume reduction is particularly important because of the limited space available. In addition, this can lead to savings in the high costs of disposal. It´s also a relief for the crew - long pieces of steel shavings represent a serious risk of injury, and that can now be avoided.

We wish these four globetrotters bon voyage and send them off on their way to Italy where they will be loaded on board the ship.

Then it´s off to Turkey where the pipeline ship will be installing the South Stream Pipeline.

As long ago as 2011, we supplied a swarf reducing plant for a pipeline ship. On that occasion some 100,000 individual pipes were welded together and laid on the ocean floor in order to transport Russian gas to the EU.

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