UK energy statistics - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Down 1.9% in 2013

Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices published.

Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices publications are published today 27 March 2014 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The publications cover new data for the fourth quarter of 2013 and thus provisional annual data for 2013. This press release focuses on the 2013 annual data.

Energy Trends covers statistics on energy production and consumption, in total and by fuel, and provides an analysis of the year on year changes. Quarterly Energy Prices covers prices to domestic and industrial consumers, prices of oil products and comparisons of international fuel prices.

The key points from 2013 are:

  • Total energy production was 6.6 per cent lower than in 2012, due to record low production levels in coal as a number of mines closed, and oil and gas production as a result of maintenance activity, as well as longer-term decline on the UK Continental Shelf.
  • Imports in 2013 were at a record high, with exports at their lowest level since 1980. Net import dependency rose to 47 per cent, the highest level since 1975 and for the first time since 1984 (the miner’s strike) the UK imported more petroleum products than it exported.
  • Total primary energy consumption for energy uses fell by 0.6 per cent from 2012. When adjusted to take account of weather differences between 2012 and 2013, primary consumption fell by 1.8 per cent. Final energy consumption was 0.5 per cent higher than in 2012, but down 0.3 per cent on a temperature corrected basis.
  • Of electricity generated in 2013, coal accounted for 36.3 per cent (a decrease of 3.1 percentage points on 2012) and gas 26.8 per cent (a decrease of 0.7 percentage points on 2012), mainly due to high gas prices.
  • Renewable generation increased 28 per cent and its share of generation by 3½ percentage points on 2012, to a record 15 per cent. Capacity grew by 25 per cent.
  • Average annual household standard electricity bills (fixed consumption of 3,800 kWh per annum) across all payment types in 2013 are £35 higher than in 2012 (up 6.5 per cent to £577), and average gas bills (fixed consumption of 15,000 kWh per annum) across all payment types are £43 higher (up 6.3 per cent to £729).

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